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4.身体肖瘦, 有一个月了,没有打篮球了。 没有运动反而瘦了,以前的腰34寸,短短一个月变成32寸。。不停的工作也是减肥的方法。

除了忙还是忙,想想下我都25岁了,说老也不是,年轻也不是,以前的我还说“我28岁要结婚,30要和心爱的人生个快乐宝宝。。” 如果是这样的话,我还有3 年时间来实现。可是有时候总是觉得梦想和现实是两回事。当然我也渴望我要有养妻活儿的能力才结束我的单身生涯。当然,我现在还是喜欢自由自在,起码不需要顾虑另一半的感受。也不想给别人带来麻烦。

经过了一段长大的路程,我还是觉的应该把我的时间放在工作上,为什么?因为工作,我能找到成就感,找到保障,找到。。。钱咯,呵呵。 可能以前没有好好珍惜拥有的时间,总觉得我的脚步比别人慢了几拍。现在很想追会时间。很想学回吉他,很想build back my skill, 很想把自己躲在自己的空间不想被人打扰。希望有机会派我出国公干吧。。真的很想离开这里,到外面看看世界,学习独立,学习照顾自己。



就算贏不了全世界﹐ 卻也至少贏得了自己。


努力勇敢向前進﹐讓自己活得比從前更好。。。 加油﹗﹗加油﹗﹗

我一定会好好加油,感谢所有给我鼓励,给我机会表现自己的朋友,有了你们,我知道我并不是一个人孤孤单单的走的。 希望大家都过得开心吧。 你们要好好当个快乐的人类,不要像我当只牛。

Become a happy cow

Finally got free time for me to type chinese word.
Quite bz in the past few week, when a person in a tension situation, they force theirself to finish the task given by boss. Suddenly feel like i married to my job. And i found that my some part of my body starting atrophy.

1. Gastralgia, my first experience on this. I never feel on it before. So i understand how painful for others.

2. Back pain. My ass kiss too long with my chair, and maybe the position of sit is incorrectly.

3. Mental disorder, face pc more than face human.

4. Thin already. Had been a month not going to play basketball, but i become thin without exercise. my waist from 34 inch drop until 32inch. Happy or sad? Dont know :D

I already in age 25, old? young? Not sure. Last time told myself i should married on 28, make a cute babe while age 30. To make this happen, that mean i only have 3 more year to achieve my dream. Of course, i will end up my bachelor life if i got the capable to take care my family.
But i still enjoy what i have now, at least i no need to care my other's feeling and bring people embarrassment.

Over the past journey, currently i wish to put concentrate on my career. Why? Because i can found the feeling of achievement, secure and Money:P . Feel myself waste too much time, i wish to chase back what i lost. Wish to learn back guitar, build back programming skill, lock myself in a room without disturb on anyone. Wish i got chance to travel and work, feel want to leave here, and take a breath on other country. Learn to be independence and take care myself.

Thanks for a net friend give me a support note:
Only yourself know what you need,
Only yourself know what decision you should take,
If you feel you are right, try your best to achieve the task,
although cannot win the world, but at least you win yourself ( feel satisfaction)

Must remember use all the bad review to force yourself improve
And don't feel give up yourself

Put great effort on myself, let myself live better than last time. Add oil !!! Add Oil

Dont worry, i will try my best and put my effort, thanks to those always give support, and given me the chance to learn. I know I am not alone. Wish you guys stay with happiness, must become a happy human, dont follow me become a happy cow :D

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