Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Cameron Highland...

Yeap, i visit to Cameron Highland at during Chinese New Year, i went at 初三, it is smooth. No traffic jam at highway. I use tapah way to reach ringlet and going to tanah rata, i prefer use the route at tapah rather than simpang pulai, reason? far + tolls. But the route along tapah is winding, you need to have a good driving skill ( like me,joking ).

But i meet traffic jam when reach Cameron Highland, is was too terrible, lucky i found a place, and i stop for the shop and have a walk.

You can get lots different type of flower, cactus and vege there. Of course, the price is cheaper than KL. Very suitable to those aunty(like my mommy) need to some pray at Buddhist celebration day :D , those boy friends want to order 999 roses. I think you can get a cheaper and better price at Cameron highland , and valentine soon.

Next destination, Honey Bee Farm. Nothing much to see. all the bees are inside the boxes. I try their honey before. Is pure and nice.

Next, Water Crest Valley !! A place never miss out when every time i went to Cameron Highland. The 西洋菜( Not sure english call what), is fresh and sweet. Even my mummy ask me buy more. If i not mistake 1 kilo only RM3. You can use it to cook soup for few time. Really delicious, you cannot find any nice vege in KL supermarket or morning market.

After that, i went to night market and brought some fish ball , tau-fu, and etc. Then go home and ready for dinner. I had try eat steamboat at those restaurant. But expensive + those food is less. It not worth at all. So i rather buy the cooker and cook myself at home. More 亲切感。。when having dinner at home :D

Really cold during midnight, wind blow strong and 冷透我的心(cold reach into my heart)... a cup of coffee could be a choice to warm me up.

After overnight, we pack our thing and ready to go home. And i use back route at tapah and pass by the Cameron Valley.

Yummmy...strawberry....BYE Cameron , thanks for the sweet holiday.


wk said...

siukeong ah I don't mean to be, well, your Chinese language teacher, but shouldn't "除三" be "初三"? -_-|||

Happy CNY,Valentine and "Birthday".

Siu KeOnG said...

haha ya.. thanks:) I fail chinese one :D
Thanks for remind, because my friend visit and say so...but they read as "除衣“。。cantonese :D chui sam

sQuall said...

i wan strawberry...

Siu KeOnG said...

hi squall, thanks for adding comment in my blog. But can i know who are u? hmmm do we know each other? :P thanks ya