Saturday, 19 July 2008

I start to prefer be alone...

Yup, i back to Kl again, had able to meet up most of my friends.

I had leave my lovely KL city for a month,i start become a stranger in this city. I am become afraid to order food, afraid of talking and chatting.

Sometime hanging with friends, they joke around , yup, the joke is funny, if compare with last time, i sure will laugh until fall at the floor. But nowday, i starting to forget what is about joke. I know the joke is funny, but i dont know i just cant laugh out.

I starting don't know how to communication with my friends, my mind is out of focus.
I can be silent sometime. I start loving to be alone. Alone sit at starbucks or Coffee bean, doing my works ,having a very nice blended coffee, listen to music, look the people around.

I planning to watch movie alone, but i am afraid of being alone(of course i not mean the cinema only got me la ) in the cinema, i wont forget i did watch movie alone before, gold compass.
i sit within a pair of lovely couple and happy family. Maybe i do care people look at me, i feel so i innocent. A so good looking guy (can consider) like me, go to cinema watch movie alone,sure mental got problem or gay.

Thanks for see nyin & zihao able to spent time with me to watch "The Dark Knight" later. Else i will stick my ass in starbuck until night time :D

Maybe my mind still had "her", i learning to let go. Maybe sometime i still think of her, no doubt that she is the only person can understand me well and most close to me. There is nothing about who fault to make the decision, i think is time to release myself and accept the truth.

I will try my best to learn my role to become your best friend. I know you wont have the time to read my words and you never visit on what i wrote too. And i also not expected you will read it.
In my mind and concept :" Love/like a person, you wont expect she will know but you will wish her found her happiness". Sound stupid hor? I also not sure.

Don't worry, i am be fine. But no doubt that i start to loving be alone. Cheers my lovely mocha ice blended coffee :x

Coffee, music are my best friends during my night time.


johntim said...

Be Strong, Brother. You don't need strength to let go of something. What you really need is understanding.

When you understand what is happen and what you need, trust me you will know what to do.

Take care

Siu KeOnG said...

thanks bro, i am fine, dont worry, if i am emo to you. You tahan a bit la, ok?hehe

meiwah said...

Hi guy, there are a lot of things around us. We have family, friends, the person(s) u like/love, ur jobs, ur career, ur present precious time, ur future, etc. U lost 1 thing now, sure there's another thing waiting for u. If u just stay at the point that feeling pain and didnt step forward, you may miss the happiness that waiting for u 1 step in front.

You are the one to decide what kind of life that you want. Why not choose a more confortable and happier way to continue? Think about it ...

Siu KeOnG said...

Thanks mei wah, quite suprise that you also know i got blog...really gv me a shock, yup, i get what you mean, time will heal me up, no worry :D

U getting married soon wo, excited or no? xin fu :D

Butterflyzdreamer said...

Siu keong...instead of always C cup and D cup, try A and B cup la...dont soo greedy..there are still plenty of girls out there waiting for u to approach..why wait? ahaha maybe u will start to like it? Good luck!! Hope u can overcome this problem of yours!

Anonymous said...


Siu KeOnG said...

hi ah so,i kidding nia, what C cup or D cup, i look like that kind of people mek ? hahahhaa, thanks for your support, maybe you need to intro your friend to me, maybe you had know what type i like :D , cup not important ok?

Anonymous said...<-- tiffany? :D

johntim said...

Hahaha emo abit ok but make sure no big emo :p

Next trip we will stay together again... make sure u can tahan my snore hor :) I wanna upgrade it to level 5 :p

joey said...

U still have a journey in your future, just look forward, don't look back.


Anonymous said...

chee keong嘛,没问题的!!

Siu KeOnG said...

john,you good la, so relax there, what also got now..

Joey,thansk joey jiejie, yaya i wont look back,but cannot neh, because i drive car need to reverse, else i will langgar tiang