Monday, 28 July 2008

Supper BBQ chicken wing, YUMMY

Quite busy with works lately. My fatty but handsome roomate(JohnTim) already start complain why i didnt update my blog, and still displaying the sad's blog(-.-). Actually i am fine, just find out some way to express the feeling, thanks for the concern from you guys.

Thanks for the unbelieveable person leave the message about "雨后总有晴天", i never expect you ( Keping) will visit to my blog.

The night is getting dark, everyone in sleep, 4 crazy person who looking for supper, we decide to try the BBQ that near our office :D , we had visit that BBQ on friday and saturday night time.

Is quite nice to have supper or drink with a gang of friends. Last time always hang out to Mamak, watching football, chatting around, laugh together. I like the night time compare with sunny day

We quite confusing when we look at the food, maybe we worry the food is dirty. But since we had come over here, so we no care anymore, "lao sai" also dont care. They got Hotdog, chicken wing( very small size), chicken leg, beaf, mutton,bean sprouts and lala (not nice)

The thing we cannot miss out during supper. Beer ~wahahaahaha....
Here is our supper !!!!!!!!!! YUMMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The chicken wing is damm nice, cook with spicy and someone got "ji ma” on the top. Just dissapointed on the size of the chicken wings. Hot dog, beaf and mutton also quite nice !!!

The most funny thing is when we ask for chilie source, they say dont have. They just have "wasabi". OMG.... wasabi with chicken wings????? Really a weird combination.

I miss 嘛嘛档。。。

this video only can load faster at china :P , is 阿牛《MAMAK档》..suddenly think of this song :D

几支大雨伞 几块大木板 搭在车水马龙的路旁

热闹的 Mamak 档 不灭的灯光 陪著城市不眠到天亮

短裤露腿装 实在好凉爽 TenTarik 热热 拉得长又长

因为话很多 因为夜漫长 所以我们都去 Mamak 档

Oh Ai Yi Ya Ei A Oh Ah Oh Ai Yi Ai Yo(Mamak 档)

Oh Ai Yi Ya He Ah Oh Hai Yo(好风光)

这里说理想 那边说彷徨 是什么让我们黑了眼眶

讲到兴高采烈 脸油油发光 热烘烘 像 Roti Canai 一样

说天南地北 道东长西短 生活任你怎么讲也讲不完

Mee Goreng 加煎蛋 老板忙到团团转 

我们可爱又熟悉的 Mamak 档

心事茫茫 找个地方讲 难兄难弟大家一起分享

烦恼放一旁 笑话大声讲 我也要来开一间 Mamak 档

不管晴天雨天 或你穿得怎么样 Service 最亲切 

偶尔还会算错帐 你要吹吹风 你的夜漫长 

欢迎你来我的 Mamak 档 Oh Ai Yi Ya Ei A.....


Anonymous said...

u dun make me pai seh la...
now im worried
i've only seen u once so far
but frm wat u hv for supper
im afraid u'll b a (fatty)uncle if i hv chance to c u again:p
enjoy working, enjoy supper, enjoy MEAT n BEER, enjoy frens...
enjoy life man!!!!

johntim said...

The best food in Hainan... Trust me... Once u eat you will demand for more :)

Remember take those chicken wing with beer... You cannot forget how tasty is the food here :)

Finger Lickin' Good !
(thumb up)

Siu KeOnG said...

To anonymous, ah ping jie, next time put your name can? you got name also dont know use ar??haha
You can put ah ping, or ping ping or ke ping

To fatty johntim,
ya, this friday night we again ya. We bring the 2 innocent pigeons(Mr S & Miss L) go ..kakakakaka

Anonymous said...

anonymous good ah
better than the one u proposed ping GELI ahhhhhhh
c if i'll follow ur rules

Roxanne said...

i want chicken wing~
then you got "lao sai" mou?

Siu KeOnG said...

To anonymous , ok u continue anonymous la.

To Roxanne , i lao sai not because eat the chicken wing, is because i eat other food :D

Butterflyzdreamer said...

Yer...u said the chicken wing size is small...u sure its chicken wing ah? Maybe its not chicken wey...its something else...*faint*

johntim said...

Not chicken wing then wat? bat wing? bird wing? hahaha dont tell me is rat leg :p

Any how... dreamer you come Hainan and I spend u :)

Siu KeOnG said...

To Butterflyzdreamer,
Never mind, this friday night, we go to eat again, then we will see is chicken wings or xxx

i will ask Johntim eat more !! kaka

Butterflyzdreamer said...

Jonhtim: how i know what leg...cuz those forwarded emails always say wan...sometimes they use rat to make as though like chicken...eeeeeeee scary nyeee...

SiuKeong: Friday night do take more pics for me to confirm !! ahahah

Siu KeOnG said...

To Butterflyzdreamer,
ehh, you both want to argue but dont pollute my holy blog ok? hehe, i think the pic almost same, because the food is same also :D