Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy Valentine Day to everyone, her

Valentine Day is coming,
Wish everyone had a wonderful and romantic memorable day.
Not everyone will able to celebrate the love one together. Example my colleagues who working in Dubai now. hehe. But i can feel the sweet notes displaying in their msn status.

Has use to celebrate my valentine with you for 4 years. Usually before valentine, I practice to put my effort and think how to spend the time and what should buy for you. Sometime, i think for all guys and girl had the problem of choosing the present =)

They might be worried the other half doesn't like the present and he/she cannot ask their partner of what kind of present that they looking for. Hehe, sometime i think this is the most challenge question to the couple.
Valentine day/Birthday is the time to test you whether you understand your partner need during the time you together. Whether you clear enough to catch their mind and what their desired.

Guys and girl, do something special and unexpected for your love one. Little surprise maybe change your life or night.Hehe.

Some experience for sharing although i am not expert,
1. Prepare 2 set of present, example, necklace and pendant. Present the pendant let her happy for a moment, and at the end, present out your necklace for her again. hehe, sure VV

2.Telling her that you not free to buy present, but before that you put the present silently at her begs while she away. ( Might be old style abit )

3. If you know the present/wishes item that her/his wanted, buy it before the special days. Pass by the shop, and try to talking about the items, and then present the items for her.

4.Suddenly show up yourself at her house early with a bouquet of flowers. Not sure consider surprise.

5. Try to play some love song during the way to dinner or after dinner, music is a miracle tools to warm up the environment. Hehe.

6. Cannot remember, try to be creative =) , most important read her minds and what she need :)

Happy valentine to everyone in the worlds.

Of course, happy valentine to you who had celebrate 4 times valentine day with me. Not sure missing you is the most regrettable thing in my life. But i always remember the sweet memory between you and me. Wish we both will find our true love one days. Take care and have a great valentine, Jen.

能给的我全都给了我都舍得,除了让你知道 ..........


Anonymous said...

a belated happy valentine's to u=)
wats past is past
dont dwell in the past
let go n its time to begin a new life

johntim said...

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

Siu KeOnG said...

why u everyday got different words for me? you very positive la, brother. thanks lots and the Anonymous. I am fine

Anonymous said...

my friend,u must find a "right" girl...
add oil.

Siu KeOnG said...

thanks catherine, meet you at hongkong :D

Chrystina Ng (Chryss) said...

how come i nvr read this post before geh?!

nice ways, to make a girl smile & happy. at least, your sincerity shines. :)

jiayou ar, auyong! i'm sure your right girl will be the most loved lady ever.