Sunday, 22 February 2009

Officially become nikonian of D80

Finally i get my first DSLR few week ago. Had consider few model before i brought. Like Canon 450D, nikon D60, nikon D80. My mind keep get struggle and cannot think rationally. Thanks for all my friends who had give me a pretty comment and idea on choosing DSLR. I brought this D80, with body + kits len, 18-135mm, free memory and free bag at price RM2xxx.

Thanks for yap bring me to the shop and give a very best price. Of course, i pay by installment, recently damn poor , actually i not willing to spent so much one, but when i not happy, i like to spent money ( a kind of sick ). hahahaha... opss...i tell my weakness.
The feeling of using DSLR and digital camera is different, nowday i no longer using my nikon S51, is time to retired. haha. Nola, will pass to my sister and brother to using it.
Still learning to using it. Thanks for johntim give me a real practice on yesterday, i will post up some photo. You are gentlemen and who like to sharing, i know you are not Lansi people :P Too sad that my first model is not a human......sob sob sob....


Anonymous said...

i do have a 'habit' to spurge when i am NOT happy as well=D
but i suppose urs is a good investment as u fancy photographing..hehe
take more photos

Siu KeOnG said...

Well thanks a lots for your comment. Hmmmph...may i know who are u ?

Roxanne said...

wah,when you are unhappy just tell me
we go shopping together so can buy something to me
ngek ngek ngek~ xDD
just a joke
when you are unhappy just tell me
but won't ask you go shopping lar
borrow you my ear,okay??
anyway,congrat that you got your DSLR
my cousin still saving money to get it
he ask you can borrow him or "qie chuo qie chuo" some skill or not wor

Anonymous said...

i thought u said u always know who am i?=p
or u think me as ur secret admirer?
can't stop laughing!

johntim said...

Woah ! alot fancy... good =)

Yeah... share and only that we can learn more... u still have alot sifu in ur company right? Haha

Organize some outing and we can learn more on it !

Siu KeOnG said...

roxanne: thanks, you are a nice girl. hmm my wife only can touch by me, your cousin cannot touch lor...jz kidding.

keping: stop using anonymous, your parent got give you name 1 ok?

Johntim: need say so many things, later people complain me and u is gay again..sighhhh