Thursday, 19 February 2009

Mini Zoo at Termeloh

That time back from cherating , my daddy was asking me whether got any tourist place to visit on the way back to KL. I was searching by my GPS and found a place call Mini Zoo. Just wonder how mini is was. Somemore, i think i almost no being to zoo for 10 years.

Really is a Mini Zoo, it surround with malay housing area. It was really funny, i really cannot believe my gps can get this kind of place. hehe.
Is a hot evening, everyone is sleeping...Zzz
Can you guess what its name? It call.........................................Burung Botak !!!! Really la, i no lie.
It open it mouth from the time i start entrance until i go back home...
a monkey from USA. I guess :P because it was gold+yellow
Sleep sleep...dont kacau.
Thanks for the nuts.
Deer drinking nian nian ( Milk )

How to go there?
No idea, i cannot found the map at google also.
The entrance fees is RM2 only, not much animals. The biggest animal is tiger. Half hour, you able to finish visit all the pets, opss...animals inside the mini zoo.


johntim said...

ooo I saw Monkey ...


Siu KeOnG said...

i know...everyone saw monkey. Anything wrong with it?