Sunday, 11 October 2009

Canon Photomarathon 2009

First time join the photography competition since i get my 1st DSRL, but really learn lots for this competition, you can see everyone had their own style or idea to capture their creativity photo. Of course i see a lots of photographer's passion, someone will ask me why i go canon's photomarathon? Some more pay Rm30.

1. Is happy that hangout with a gang of friends which love photographing
2. Experience, with mean learning from each other, sharing idea.
3. RM30 is not a problem for me ...lolx...
Experience from the competition:
1. Camera setting and sense of alert need to be ready always to capture a precious moment's photo.
2. Sense, sense and sense, searching the correct feeling.
3. Passionate and be patient for waiting a precious moment.
4. Passionate , skill and camera is a very important tools to create a great photo :) Because no edit /touch up is allow during the competition, all is real skill :P

Theme 1 : Splash
This one is the most panic theme, totally no idea where and how to search the feeling of the photo. Because everyone is shooting at the same position, you need to make you photo look different than others.

Theme 2 : Red
I spot this accidently then i shoot it, but the photo is blur because i am still not ready the setting , but i like the expression , it was very natural :P
Theme 3: Shooting in progress
This one is most easy because you can get this photo everywhere :P

Comedy photo comment.....

I know kate yean yean will hate me when i post this photo, but is really farny, hope you dont mind, if you mind, u also cannot do any thing..hahahhaa. Good jobs :P

Of course, i meet up other friends which love photographing..
My old school friend : Weng ki , Derrek low, Fannie Loke and me

My funny colleagues : Kok Seng, Shannon , Willy and me

Other great family photo...thanks kate yean yean
Too bad that inside got 2 nikonian..haha
But this photo bring nice happy hang out with a gang of friend with passionate for photographing.

The end Happy Photographing


Kuntong said...

rm 30 is a big problem for me..tats why i didn join..kakakaka

actually i hv to work tat day..haiz...missed it again.. how, whn only knw result 1?

Kate said...

Sui Lou! HATE U HATE U!!!!!!!!

Bully me everytime..... *sob*sob*sob*

Johntim said...

Eh... only see my face... you should as me... do I mind or not hahaha... Nice hang out with you... Lets go next time

Lets Revenge next time !

Kate said...

Of course need to revenge..cannot let him tease me every time geh!!!