Saturday, 31 October 2009

Thanks for the birthday dinner and present

Finally i back to nigeria again, this is my second trip. I had been holiday in malaysia for 6 weeks. And i did a lots of thing during this 6 week, everyday is a busy for me to meet up my friends, photoshooting and some gathering. I wish to spend more time together with them and my family.

Just share some photo i took during and before my birthday. This year birthday is different than the previous 4 year. This year is celebration with my friends, no birthday kissing from someone, haha. However, really nothing much feeling on my actual birthday, just feel very normal or maybe is no longer special for me. Somemore i need to become backup photographer for my friend on my actual birthday.

However, thanks again for my friend which had spend time and money for me, thanks for the wonder meal and present, good to have you guys.

Thanks for the 3 pretty angel spend me on the steamboat. Had a funny momment with you guys. Surprise from my lovely colleagues, really hard to have a good time to know you guys because i am not always around in malaysia, but you guys are awesome and fun. Thanks for the cake and lunch. Love you guys a lots.
New name give by my colleagues,
Bobby -____-''''
Of course , my good brother spent me a good dinner too. Thanks Johntim for the dinner and present. You really surprise me lor ..heheh..
And Sylvia :) Thanks to accompany us for the dinner...
They are my 1st company colleagues, almost 4 year not meet up them, had a great time with them :)

At last , thanks for the present again
Joey, Johntim, Mandy, Yen, and Phylicia ....Phylicia you are the one which give me biggest surprise ~hahaa..purposely mail a card for me -___-''' damm touching ..
Thanks joey, i will learning from the book..hehehe i looking some book guide on wedding, i think i should practice more on wedding photographing.

Happy birthday siu keong :)


christina tan said...

wah, u got so many friends celebrating birthday with u..should appreciate wo :)

Siu KeOnG said...

where my present? talk so much :P

christina tan said...

next time u give me souvenir, i give u present..system barter..haha :)

Johntim said...

Siok la... 3 lenglui celebrate with you =) shuang dao~

Samuel said...

Siu Keong, good website recommend to you regarding wedding photography,

Siu KeOnG said...

Christina: Stingy

Johntim: -___-''' thanks, nx year i bring all leng lui celebrate with u

Samuel: ehh thanks but where is the links?