Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Singapore Trip 21/09/09 - 22/09/09

Singapore, i had been visit singapore since i am standard 6, meaning i revisit the place after 14 year later. This trip had been decide very suddenly, 2 reason for us to been there, 1 is for scene shooting , 2nd is to meet up our friend, Phylicia Tan who had potential to become a good photographer :P

We just book a ticket for firefly for Rm300 go and return. We depart at 750am and reached at 905am. if we took by bus, it will spent around 5 hour, and somemore i will be very very tired.
What you pay is what you get :P ( we want to say we are rich indirectly)

We stay at bugis which is very convenient for traveller. Last time people awalys claim that the escalator in singapore is more faster than malaysia. Now i really feel it :P

Actually i am not feeling well that few day, so sense of photographing had reduce, not much photo i took because just influence by the lazy mood.

Place visit: Sentosa park
Beside shooting human and scene, we also took some insect photo :)

Feel very touching, because johntim had been not meet his friend for few year, guess his relationship should be very good them. Still feel very sorry that for the late meet up :)
The last night before we go back, we went to
City Hall de Esplanade , which near the sea side, it was a very nice place for night scene shooting, share some photo here :P

Spent too short time at Singapore, miss out many delicious food, i still got some Sin dollars, maybe i will use it for next trip :)


Kuntong said...

hmmm..save money now..nxt time i wan go also..

Kate said...

Is BUGIS not BUNGKIS.... =.=
U make me sweat there lar Bangla!

Siu KeOnG said...

Kuntong : hahaha u save money buy hp 1st

Kate: Opsss...hahah i purposely make u sweat de

sweynt said...

Nice photo..at Jurong Bird Park.
What lens you use for shooting the bird? Sigma 70-300mm?

Siu KeOnG said...

sweynt: ya i using 70-300, thanks :P

Kate said...

Thanks for understanding wo... *sweat* =.=

anyway... nice photos! keep it up!

Johntim said...

Very nice trip~

Thanks to phy also for the times and arrangement~