Monday, 5 November 2007

A single Dream. A world of Hope by Terry Fox

Yeah, I just went back from the run, a heavy traffic jam at Lake Garden in the morning. You can see many categories of people, kids, family, teenagers, and older citizen (Chinese, Malay, Indian and Foreign) are coming for the run.

"People mountain people sea" around the area. So we start the run around 9am after doing some body warm up exercise. Honestly is hard for us to make a run, most of the people in 'jogging' at the beginning point, I only do a speed up after a walk about 500m.

The short route is 3.2km for children, you can take challenge for 6km as a tribute to their loved ones (whose lives was claimed prematurely by cancer).
So i totally took about 40 min for the 6km run ( Because in the begining , i am jogging, not running).
There is an email that send by the Terry Fox Run KL Committees about cancer.
I would like to share this nice piece of article by Dr Albert Lim (source:
We don’t know what causes cancer
- We do
- Accumulated genetic mistakes
-Disease of ageing
- Chemicals, radiation, viruses
- ‘Unknown’

Can we prevent cancer?
- Stop smoking
- Maintain ideal/ less than ideal body weight
- Vaccinate against Hepatitis B
- Secondary prevention
– mammography, pap smear, faecal occult blood test, PSA

Does smoking cause cancer?
- Yes

Is cancer largely a lifestyle disease?
- No

Is cancer inherited?
- Only 10% are inherited
- Remember, you inherit the risk, not the cancer

Remember too, cancer do not discriminate! If good fortune permits, I will be updating you again in Terry Fox Run 2008! So till then!

I will going the run for next year again. And encourage your friend stop smoking to prevent cancer looking for you. :D

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