Monday, 30 March 2009

60 Earth Hour

60 Earth hour is a very good event for this year. We need to take action on global warming. I quite suprise that everyone of my friends are support this meaningful events. Even someone close off his light in his house, and frighten his dog.

So what i did on that hour?Switch off my pc and unuse electric and move my ass went to KLCC for shooting. During the way to KLCC, my friend was calling me and ask me where i am, this is the conversation.

HM: Hello , uncle, where are you now??
Me : I am on the way driving to KLCC..

HM: Do u switch off your car's headlight?

Me: Harrr...what the....*@#$%^%

Wahh...really dark!
Even the KLCC is off the light. ( no bring tripod....hahah so is blur )
Wahhhhhaha...i able to make the star effect~ thanks to my si fu again!
Everyone is waiting 930pm 930, the light is slowly turn on....
what a beautiful building~KLCC you look sexy...hehe
And thanks for other 2 friends for accompany go to do this kind of boring things...hahaa


=ke ping= said...

sadly i couldnt participate in such a 'grand' campaign back home. here we have it too but not very much appreciated and less supported.
just take ppl around me for example, they told me there is no point doing so and i was considered an idiot switched off evthing for 1hr.
love the environment! im proud of myself and those bunch back home.
the msg needs to get across and im sure its a great success tis year=)

Leon said...

earth hour, i had close all the lamp in my house also~ haha

johntim said...

I off my light also... prince scare wor :p

Roxanne said...

my shop oso off the light for 1hr =)

sa said...


lin said...