Thursday, 19 March 2009

Broga Hill 15.03.2009 Highly Recommand

Had been busy for a week again. Sometime really need a place for me to take a long deep breath for myself. However, life still go on and keep busy again after sunday.

Last Sunday, is the most early time i wake up at year 2009, I wake up at 5am and take a 3 in 1 nescafe then preparing went to Cheras Tesco to gather up with my friends. Totally have around 5 car and went to the destination, had meet some new friends during the trip, is quite enjoy !!Thanks 维记 for the drive to Broga Hill at Semenyih ! And Cindy for the invitation.
Opsssss.... we miss the sunrise. Possible we will visit again and reach early. I think need to take around 1 hour and pass over 3 toll.
I enjoy the fresh air in the morning, the smell .......everything is amazing, of course we had donate blood to the mosquito.
How long you had not been seen the scene like ocean? Why? Because you sit at the office at the morning, and back home when the sun gone.
The feeling of exciting till now still jumping in my brain.
Do you think the model always is the main actor for the scene? Nope, cloud is the main actor for the photo. Photo never lie.

Cotton of the day. The cloud is just so near to us although we cannot touch it, but we can feel it.
Love the earth.
Friendship is the part of our life. We laugh together, walk together, and take photo together. haha.
One Thought, One Action, One Team.
Friendship foverer........

Someone told me , this photo give her a feeling of "hope", but someone told me cannot get the objective that i want describe for this photo. What you think about it?

I really wish i can become a superman and fly inside the cotton in the sky ~ go...superman ! Fly

Direction to Broga Hill, kindly visit

Wearing long pants and bring the Mosquito repellent. I will visit there again for having some sunrise shooting. The place is superb nice, the scene at Broga hill make you feel like another country of the world.

And i shooting more than 600 photo at Broga hill, why? Because the scene is too pretty and sexy.
I will be going Bukit Tabur this coming sunday for photographing and hiking. Nothing much suprise to bukit tabur, because i had been visit there more than 4 time for early preparation training to KK.


=ke ping= said...

Awesome pictures!!!!
keep it up=)

Invisible said...

nice photos!
yeah, we're in the same group ^^

JamieDawnRose said...

wow.. this place is very nice!!!

johntim said...

Nice picture with nice slogan...

Keep it up... but humble abit... dont always say no touch up and use original :)

*run far far...

Siu KeOnG said...

Keping: thanks keping

Invisible: Hi invisible, hahah yea...nx time we go again.

Jamie: thanks you, still ned to learn from u !! ekekeke

Johntim: What the ....Facebook really no touch up ok?

irene said...

Congrate,u skill improve again,nice photo :)
anyway, tof u wont go bukit tabur again.hehe.wish u can capture sunrise at bukit tabur 2molo :)

Siu KeOnG said...

thanks irene. No more bukit tabur, night mare when i go there...more than 5 time went there jor...scare

Kuntong said...

no bad ma ur photo.. whr is bukit tabur? tag me along nxt time. =P

Siu KeOnG said...

bukit tabur? at wangsa maju..i dun wan go beh tired...

lin said...