Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Remove virus Net-Worm.Win32.Kido.ix

Yesterday, my computer attack by a worms. Not sure where it come from. I think is because i plug my external hard disk into other pc for file transfering.

It make my window hang, and it block me go to certain website for looking solution. Like kaspersky website. Nowday the worm mutation so fast...

How to remove it?
Thanks for my genius colleague. He ask me use a linux puppy for boot up my pc and go inside delete the auto.inf file. Very usefully. It really works.

Net-Worm.Win32.Kido exploits a critical vulnerability (MS08-067
( in
Microsoft Windows to spread via local networks and removable storage

The worm disables system restore, blocks access to security websites,
and downloads additional malware to infected machines.

Users are strongly recommended to ensure their antivirus databases are
up to date. A patch for the vulnerability is available
( from


Anonymous said...


Leon said...

hi, i had infect this virus too. it doesn't block me anything, and i think my local C doesn't infect it. but i same as u, my external hard disk had infected, it is unable to remove, but it doesn't mutate, just only stay at there. it happen several days but i still don't have the solution to solve this virus

FREDDY said...

I had win32.kido.ix but couldnt find and autorun.inf to delete the file, is the file autorun.inf shown to me when I boot with linuxpuppy or what?and can I delete it from there? cause kaspersky couldnt...

Anonymous said...

I had same worm but couldnt find autorun.inf to delete it, is it shown in puppylinux to delete?
neither Kaspersky could delete it :(

Siu KeOnG said...

Hi leon, good to hear that you solve the problem

freedy, u can use kaspersky to scan and check where the virus location, then install your linux puppy at pen drive and boot up the linux puppy, then you go to your drive and delete it.

Anonymous said...

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