Thursday, 26 March 2009

STADT German Cuisine & Bistro, Kepong

Beers, a drink cannot escape from my life. Because my buddies all is beers lover, we drink beer when happy, drink beer when sadness, drink beer with no reasons. haha..

Last week , had a girl friend ( Not in love that type ) had intro a belgium beer call Hoegaarden, the beer very suitable to girl too, because it not contain a lots of gas and the taste is light compare carlsberg beer. Thanks for the intro :)

Last week just had dinner with my buddy at Metro Prima kepong, STADT German Cuisine & Bistro.

Nothing much to comment, the environment is nice because not pack with people, they got live football , the food is nice but a bit expensive, the beer is nice :)

Will visit again for other choice of food :)
Thanks buddy.


johntim said...

Eh, I going to try ... soon =)

Kate said...

hey! are you talking bout me? Anyway...let's we find a day go Jaya ONE or TTDI...

Siu KeOnG said...

ya is you..liverfool...haha