Monday, 30 March 2009

60 Earth Hour

60 Earth hour is a very good event for this year. We need to take action on global warming. I quite suprise that everyone of my friends are support this meaningful events. Even someone close off his light in his house, and frighten his dog.

So what i did on that hour?Switch off my pc and unuse electric and move my ass went to KLCC for shooting. During the way to KLCC, my friend was calling me and ask me where i am, this is the conversation.

HM: Hello , uncle, where are you now??
Me : I am on the way driving to KLCC..

HM: Do u switch off your car's headlight?

Me: Harrr...what the....*@#$%^%

Wahh...really dark!
Even the KLCC is off the light. ( no bring tripod....hahah so is blur )
Wahhhhhaha...i able to make the star effect~ thanks to my si fu again!
Everyone is waiting 930pm 930, the light is slowly turn on....
what a beautiful building~KLCC you look sexy...hehe
And thanks for other 2 friends for accompany go to do this kind of boring things...hahaa

Thursday, 26 March 2009

STADT German Cuisine & Bistro, Kepong

Beers, a drink cannot escape from my life. Because my buddies all is beers lover, we drink beer when happy, drink beer when sadness, drink beer with no reasons. haha..

Last week , had a girl friend ( Not in love that type ) had intro a belgium beer call Hoegaarden, the beer very suitable to girl too, because it not contain a lots of gas and the taste is light compare carlsberg beer. Thanks for the intro :)

Last week just had dinner with my buddy at Metro Prima kepong, STADT German Cuisine & Bistro.

Nothing much to comment, the environment is nice because not pack with people, they got live football , the food is nice but a bit expensive, the beer is nice :)

Will visit again for other choice of food :)
Thanks buddy.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Bukit Tabur, no more next time...

Bukit Tabur, a very familiar place for me. I not sure how many time i had climb at this torridity place. I think i had came here more than 5 time due to last time had training before i went to KK.

Last week , i bring other 2 friend to this place again, actually quite boring to climbing on this hill. Just nothing speciall along the journey, and i hate on walking on the stone road.

I think this might be the final time i visit here, I had been half year not coming to here, just feel my stamina not good like last time, and i feel super tired after the journey.

You both staminia not bad wor.. can run faster than me, really out of my expectation.keke

Not sure when will visit here again, but really had a lots adventure here before. At least i had conquer bukit tabur with several branch of friends before. I hate this hill, it really make me tired and take few days to recovery back

Previous post at Bukit tabur

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Broga Hill 15.03.2009 Highly Recommand

Had been busy for a week again. Sometime really need a place for me to take a long deep breath for myself. However, life still go on and keep busy again after sunday.

Last Sunday, is the most early time i wake up at year 2009, I wake up at 5am and take a 3 in 1 nescafe then preparing went to Cheras Tesco to gather up with my friends. Totally have around 5 car and went to the destination, had meet some new friends during the trip, is quite enjoy !!Thanks 维记 for the drive to Broga Hill at Semenyih ! And Cindy for the invitation.
Opsssss.... we miss the sunrise. Possible we will visit again and reach early. I think need to take around 1 hour and pass over 3 toll.
I enjoy the fresh air in the morning, the smell .......everything is amazing, of course we had donate blood to the mosquito.
How long you had not been seen the scene like ocean? Why? Because you sit at the office at the morning, and back home when the sun gone.
The feeling of exciting till now still jumping in my brain.
Do you think the model always is the main actor for the scene? Nope, cloud is the main actor for the photo. Photo never lie.

Cotton of the day. The cloud is just so near to us although we cannot touch it, but we can feel it.
Love the earth.
Friendship is the part of our life. We laugh together, walk together, and take photo together. haha.
One Thought, One Action, One Team.
Friendship foverer........

Someone told me , this photo give her a feeling of "hope", but someone told me cannot get the objective that i want describe for this photo. What you think about it?

I really wish i can become a superman and fly inside the cotton in the sky ~ go...superman ! Fly

Direction to Broga Hill, kindly visit

Wearing long pants and bring the Mosquito repellent. I will visit there again for having some sunrise shooting. The place is superb nice, the scene at Broga hill make you feel like another country of the world.

And i shooting more than 600 photo at Broga hill, why? Because the scene is too pretty and sexy.
I will be going Bukit Tabur this coming sunday for photographing and hiking. Nothing much suprise to bukit tabur, because i had been visit there more than 4 time for early preparation training to KK.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Bukit Kiara with Three Musketeers

Bukit Kiara, other place for me to learning photographing. The place is near with Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Dont confuse on the road of bukit kiara, at the beginning, i went to a wrong direction which the direction is for jogger. There is another theme park for bukit kiara which in front of a primary school.

So this time, 2 teachers are talking photo with me, thanks lots for sharing the experience and guide....

Here come teacher No 1........dang dang dang....
Leng lui, Lilian.....founder of suaymakmak. Lolx...

Next ....Mr handsome ~~~~
Stanley, the most old fox of using DSLR in my team.
"Object suspend in a moment"..Mission for today, try to capture some suspend object. Hehe, i did it....still a long way to learn.
Waterfall, is blur because due of i hold the timing to 5 sec to capture a delay image. My hand start shaking, have to use tripod next time.
"Attentive“, the body of tree also consists a lots of color, it not just brown color if you watch clear. Same meaning in our life, dont judge people from far look.
"Without you" , the leaf wont become special , if the flower not stay together with them, combination of 2 color make life more colorful and special.
Bseauty of imperfection .. ( Thanks for the name give by Lilian )
Professional is capturing some photo....
Tai chi~ dont pray pray...
"Alone", the ball is waiting a correct person to playing with it.
"Most Adorable
Creature In Earth",Saw some cute kinder garden children, they are so cute and adorable. (Last time me also cute and adorable....)

Bye bye to aunty uncle.......

Still a lots for me to learn, need to buy tripod, need to buy a 50mm lens, need to buy flash. Suddenly feel all my money go into this DSLR. Feeling i become so 败家. haha

But i enjoy of taking photo, at least can spend my time outside to avoid me thinking something stupid....

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Remove virus Net-Worm.Win32.Kido.ix

Yesterday, my computer attack by a worms. Not sure where it come from. I think is because i plug my external hard disk into other pc for file transfering.

It make my window hang, and it block me go to certain website for looking solution. Like kaspersky website. Nowday the worm mutation so fast...

How to remove it?
Thanks for my genius colleague. He ask me use a linux puppy for boot up my pc and go inside delete the auto.inf file. Very usefully. It really works.

Net-Worm.Win32.Kido exploits a critical vulnerability (MS08-067
( in
Microsoft Windows to spread via local networks and removable storage

The worm disables system restore, blocks access to security websites,
and downloads additional malware to infected machines.

Users are strongly recommended to ensure their antivirus databases are
up to date. A patch for the vulnerability is available
( from