Thursday, 24 December 2009

2nd trip at Abuja , Merry Christmas to all my friends

This is my 2nd trip at abuja from 25/10/2009 to 24/12/2009. Finally it come to end, as usual i pack my stuff and waiting to go back. The busy situation make the time fly fast, i miss out many event and fun time at Malaysia during this 2 month. But no choice, since i had choose this road, there is no return.

Many thing happen on year 2009, this year can consider a sad year for me but also consider a memorable year for me. I had enjoy my life better than last time. My life change starting with my 1st DSRL, i able to know many new friends, travel alone with my camera and make me found the meaning of my life.

Thanks to my best friend, Johntim which had encourage me for my 1st DSLR and the support you give during i had problem. I promise i will be a better man in coming year

At last, Merry Christmas to all my friends. I will celebrate my 1st snow virgin Christmas at Amsterdam, i promise i will capture the most beautiful moment :)

The photo is taking by Johntim, i like the star :) Hope you guys like it


卡特 ^^ said...

u always the better man..don't look down urself... ^^

Johntim said...

Bro... thanks for like my picture...

Merry Xmas and dont give up... still long way to go =) We will see again !