Friday, 18 December 2009

Last breakfast - 银龙粉面茶餐厅

This the place i taken my breakfast near by my hostel. Because when i wake up that time already 12pm, i guess i am too tired for the few day trips. After i take my bath and i call to catherine is there any good restaurant to introduce.

And she say that is a restaurent call 银龙粉面茶餐厅 in front of my staying place. I just bringing my map and try to look for the location. Maybe i had been familiar with travel alone, so looking for a location is just too easy for me.. hahaha
I order a ying yong and prawn egg souce rice for my lunch, I like to eat the prawn at Hong kong, just like very fresh :) Maybe i just can say , Hong Kong is all about food ...chinese food. And got different type of choice.

This is the end of Hong Kong trip, hopefully i can revisit again on next year. After Lunch, i travel alone again to Macau, a boring city which mention by all of my friends.


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