Wednesday, 23 December 2009


大利来记咖啡室, quite a famous shop in macau with 猪扒包。 This shop is near with the 官也街 ( near with the 新好利咖啡餅店, bird nest egg tart ) . Actually i was just asking the people around then only able to find the place.

Travel alone make me improve my communication skill also :P kids, aunty or pretty girl, i also able dare to talk. haha.

This is a comment about the shop
全澳门最出名的猪扒包”就是出自他家——面包“外脆内软”,“糊香糊香”的;猪扒“很大一块”,“焦嫩可口”。难怪拽得不得了,每天“下午3点才开卖”, 而且“限量300个”,要买的“提前去排队”,晚去会儿就没了。其他东西倒是“全天供应”,奶茶“超好喝”,奶和茶“混合得正好”,“不甜不腻”。常常一 个猪扒包、一杯奶茶,就可以当一餐,还吃得“很满足”。

only produce 300 perday !

The pork chop is nice, but the bread is very stiff to eat. However, i just feel normal only :) Nothing special about it :)

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