Sunday, 20 December 2009


澳门威尼斯酒店,a dream place that i want to go. I am talking about the real Venice, maybe one day my dream will come truth :)

Finally i get my first experience travel alone in this beautiful city. Last time i do mind how people look at me when i try to setup tripod and take photo for myself. But now , i learning dont care the vision from people around you, just do what you like. I had train my braveness, take photo with stranger and help people take photo too.

This is the funny part. I was asking a Filipino pretty girl help me take photo.
During i posting, there someone holding my hand -__-''' and i turn my head, there is a very funny lady laughing around. hahaha...See my reaction is so real.
okla, since like i am a friendly guy, why not we take a photo together :)
Thanks for pretty girl who help me capture the photo, sorry for make you knee down and almost expose your short skirt. Although i dont know who are you but still need to thanks again.

If fun to travel alone, is more freedom and train your EQ, the problem is not people help me take nice only :)


joey said...

Nice & pretty places...:)

Siu KeOnG said...

joey go go go :P