Monday, 25 May 2009

Guitar, Music My Life

Recently just find back the good mood and the strong feeling to learn back guitar. Had been stop playing guitar since 4 year ago due to my old guitar had broken at the bottom part.

And I just went to buy a new and better with my best buddy. Hope this time i can seriously master back. First time first is get back finger be flexible.

I am not consider can kind very expert, just able manage to play some simple song.
First song i wish to master, 彩虹 By Jay Chou... not sure how long need to spend but try my best. Never give up until the end :) , good luck.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Part 3 Sekinchan Comedy Version

Some Comedy and Crazy thing we did again at Sekinchan. Haha..... I keep laughing when i saw those photo again... Thanks again for Johntim, Lilian and Stanley
Thanks for stanley to edit this photo..really damm funny..hahaa
----The End----

Some art LittleNotebook

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sekinchan Part 2 - Food 建旗海鮮飯店

Quite famous restaurant at Sekinchan with seafood. Even 阿贤 from Astro AEC is visit to the shop before.. Thanks Johntim for bringing us to the famous restaurant in town :) And the price is cheap, just around Rm70+ for those dish, not include the fish :)

First call Tiger Sharks, the top meat is like pig skin. But it don't content any cholesterol, it was very healthy for body. Overall is very good, but try !
提供老虎鯊這道獨特風味的海產美食。 老虎鯊肉與一般魚類不同是長得不像魚肉,反而像是一塊肥豬肉,因它被一層厚厚,類似脂肪的皮層包著.

老板娘王雪莊(47歲)說,老虎鯊身上的那一層類似海生狀的凝塊,其實是膠原蛋白,多吃有美容作用,還有抗癌作用。 她說,膠原蛋白對骨骼也很有幫助,尤其是補膠質方面,是骨骼弱者最有營養價值的珍物。 建旗海鮮飯店在海口有10年,當初為何會想推出炒鯊魚這道菜?王氏說,因為她想推出別人沒有的菜色,于是她便拿出看家本領,把家鄉小菜搬上餐桌,而炒鯊魚 肉便是其中一道家鄉著名小菜。What is that ? Explain <- click me

Sorry , really lazy to describe as you know that my english is sucks, just go there and order the food, really best !

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sekinchan Part 1 - Paddy Paddy

Date: 11 Mei 2009 , Monday
Time : 5 am - 4pm
Place: PJ--Sekinchan
Person : Siukeong, Johntim, Stanley, Lilian

Thanks for Johntim, the organizer of this trip. And bring us to his lovely hometown , Sekinchan. I love the paddy field. The combination Green and Blue. Have a lots of fun around there, of course, we take many idiot photo at there. Guys, ready for shooting ~山脚下男孩

At evening session, Johntim bring us go to the Jetty, and we playing guitar and take photography for relax ourself.hahaha....
Anyone want to be the one? hahahaha.... Just joking....

Thanks alots for Johntim, thanks for the drive and the effort, i know you seldom wake up at 5am. haha. And the nikonian master - Stanley and Lilian which teach me a lots on setting, especially Stanley, teach me on the "light". haha

Got Part 2 and Part 3.

Part 2 : Food at Sekinchan
Part 3: Kung Fu Boy@Sekinchan

Sunday, 10 May 2009

The world so small which make me saw back u again....你比从前快乐

I always afraid walking in shopping mall, i afraid saw those fair/long hair lady with their bf. Why? Because i know i worry that will be you. But today, i think god had make an arrange to make me meet up u. But the person holding your hand is not me anymore.

After 5 months, finally i saw you again. We don't have much eyes contact, just a smile to each other and you walk away. If you ask me, do i feel pain? Yup, but just that moment. After that, i just go back to my normal life.. continue chatting, working, photographing and snaking.hehe

I know that i really already put down my feeling to you. And I am start searching for my true love too. 4 years sweet memory will always keep in my heart and i really wish you can found your happiness. Not regret that had together with you been so long.

A song appear in mind when i saw you , 你比从前快乐 :) i know you are from the screen i saw just now. Take care my old love.

Friday, 8 May 2009

3rd/Last day detox...yahooo

Finally today is the last day detox. Tomorrow i can start to eat steamboat, KFC, nasi lemak !!! haha, Sorry, Johntim say cannot, i only can eat some light food like taufu and vege. Aii..i need to wait until monday only can have rice :(

Evening & night time : So far everything is fine, can feel the excited after johntim tell me the food that i can have for tomorrow. hehee.... Compare 2nd day, i less tired and less hungry.

Next day morning
This morning i become a panda, because i starting insomnia on 4am, i just feel hungry and cannot wait for my wonderful breakfast. When i wake up, i straight away go to market and buy my wonder breakfast.....honestly, i eat too much and it really too delicious for me ~ eat until my stomach pain and i need to rest at sofa for few hour =.=|||

Because my stomach had become cower because 3 day dont take any rice. So i cannot eat any heavy food, so the whole day i just had my ABC soup ~ the feeling is so good and the best soup i nv had in my life :P

My waist had reduce abit, how many kg lost? I not sure, because i not measure my weight. But i am sure i had reduce some weight.....ehhe thanks for my consultant, Johntim without your support, i think i cannot pass thru this stage :)

For those who wan the recipe, i think you can contact him~hahahha

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Detox 2nd day

Morning : Very sleepy, very hungry, even i dont feel want to wake up in the morning. i think my waist had reduce few cm when i wear my pants. Juice and pill again for today, i miss breads and rices.......This process is worst than i fall in sick >.<

Afternoon :
i really really hungry....i miss every food even a sweet :(

Night time : forget bring back vitamin pill, quite hungry now, just drink juice and protein.
As people know, i usually online at my kitchen ( too poor dont have room )

Suddenly i smell something........

ehhh...mek lai geh?????


Sorry Miss Loh Mai Kai & Miss ta bao....i cannot eat u both tonight..... sob sob >.<

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Detox First day,

Very syiok hor? Saw all those fruits, I brought the apple , tomato , carrot and cucumber on night market, and prepare for detox due to my tummy growing bigger and bigger, which make my pants not able to fit in anymore :(

I totally buy 60 green apple, 24 tomato, 24 carrot and 12 cucumber for the war. Well, i wish to wrote down my progress and feeling during this 3 days. Life without rice, KFC , ayam goreng, nasi lemak, & my favour coffee for this 3 days. Of course portion is for me and Johntim

I know is a very suffer process. But i feel insecure & uncomfortable with carry my big tummy and go out with friends, especially girls,
I want to become slim and handsome back , although me not handsome :)

Morning : So far ok, eat some vitamin pill and protein powder. And drinking the fruits juice, but the kanasai colleagues are moving the cup of coffee around my nose, OK !!! u all never give support but want to see me fail my mission !!!! This wont happen ! Me strong in mental....keke
Evening : Very hungry, very tired, just drink juice for whole evening.......but i wont give up.

Night time : After playing basketball, i starting headache, and whole body very tired, Johntim say must sleep before 11pm..... I really don't know want to say thanks or hate him....i am HUNGRY NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..... the roti is in front keep call me " eat me me la...." some more the bread is damm fat .....arggghhhh...cannot cannot !!!! I must stay strong !!!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Portraits - Shy

Finally i free to post up the next model, here she come, Lady & Gentlemen Let me introduce~ The Malaysia next top model ......................... Shy.

As crazywcary keep hunger for it, here you are. Really thanks a lots for the time and effort spending with us. I know Johntim and shy need to wake up early and prepare for the shooting. Very comfortable shooting photo with shy, i like your smile and you really got the potential to become model.

Description of the shooting:

1. Johntim , Shy and me.
2. After having breakfast, arrived at KLCC at 830am, and start shooting at the KLCC park.
3. The Guard keep find trouble towards us. And ask a lots question. Then we say we are student and take photo for final year project. hahhaa
4. Shooting indoor at Pavilion.
5. Johntim's memory card is corrupted, i think is my card reader not welcome for canonian, lucky able to recovery 80% of the photo. Sorry dude.

Yellow Collection

Red Collection
Thanks again :)

More photo: